Scott cues her entrance to Point Park


Trinity Senior, Caitlyn Scott is heading off to Point Park University to pursue journalism and boradcasting.

Caitlyn Scott is graduating from Trinity’s class of 2020 and is planning to pursue a major in journalism and broadcasting at Point Park University. 

She started planning during her junior year in order to find a college that offered her the best opportunities. Scott has always been interested in writing and communicating through news media, so she hoped to pursue a career dealing with journalism and broadcasting.

She reasons, “With journalism, you’re always discovering new stories and new topics about the world and places around you. Broadcasting is pretty much that but being able to spread it faster through media platforms like television and radio.”

Scott also is considering minoring or double majoring in political science. Given her fascination with politics and outlet through her writing and speaking, Scott envisions herself as a news anchor on TV or a radio host debating in America’s political scene. 

While being on camera has its benefits, Scott also loves the backstage production of running a TV program or a radio show. From working with a green screen or a teleprompter to editing visual and auditory effects, producing content for today’s audience requires much collaboration and coordination.

Scott says regarding her future, “If I could work with KDKA TV or Radio, I would definitely stay in the Pittsburgh area. If not, I would travel to New York to work with FOX on political topics.”

Point Park University, a ten minute walk from KDKA TV studios, offers many exciting opportunities for Scott. 

She finds that living in the city will be much different than living in Washington, saying, “It will be a change of scenery for me to not be in the same household as my family, but I’m ready to try something new and meet new people.”

Scott is also excited to participate in Point Park’s musical theatre program or other singing events in Pittsburgh since music is very important to her. One of her biggest achievements during her high school career was being one of two Young Artist Competition winners for WSO’s May 2020 concert. She has also taken part in various talent shows and sings the National Anthem at Trinity sporting events. 

Looking back, Scott says her high school experience could not have been the same without Mr. Polansky, Mr. Minnick, Mrs. Habe, and Mr. MacKinney. They gave her support when it came to her academic or musical pursuits and always cheered her up when she needed it the most.

“I think, for me, high school went by pretty quickly. I always complained about how much I wanted to leave and wanted graduation to come quickly, but I wish I didn’t wish it away,” reflects Scott. 

Scott is leaving Trinity in June 2020 and is ready to take on college at Point Park University.