Decision day is closer than Hillers think


Morgan Kafana

As College Decision Day approaches, seniors struggle to determine which college is the right one from them before the deadline of May 1.

An important day for senior Hillers, College Decision Day, is coming up on May 1, 2020. Alumni Maria Cimino, Riley Moore, and Krista Lebar from the class of 2019 give advice to help current seniors through this important and exciting time.

For those who don’t know, on College Decision Day seniors commit to the college of their choosing. Seniors will decide on the college that’s right for their personal goals and character.

Maria Cimino, the previous Co-Editor-in-Chief and News Editor of The Hiller, now attends Kent State University. She chose Kent State because she felt right at home and could see herself throughout the school from the first time she visited the campus.

Cimino is a part of the Honors College at Kent State, so her personal requirements were different than Kent State’s normal curriculum. Cimino was expected to have at least a 3.6 GPA, a score of at least 1260 on the SAT’s and at least a 27 on her ACT’s. On top of this, she had to write a 500-word-essay explaining why she wanted to be a part of the Honors College. 

However, for students who are planning to not attend Honors College, a 3.0 GPA, an SAT score of 1040, and an ACT of at least 21 is required for standard enrollment at Kent State. However, if you don’t meet these requirements it doesn’t automatically disqualify a student.

On Cimino’s important day she felt really confident and happy because she couldn’t imagine a better place to expand her education, which has remained true all year. Feeling this way, Cimino committed to Kent State way before the official decision day, which gave her a feeling a certainty 

Riley Moore, a previous Staff Writer on The Hiller, now attends Duquesne University. She chose her university because she felt like she’d really enjoy the campus and felt right at home.

Some requirements Moore had to make were a high GPA, a list of extracurriculars, an essay from questions about herself, a clean record, and a good attitude.

While committing to her beloved new home,e Moore felt very happy; she felt proud of herself and all of the hard work she put into her schooling. If she could change anything about her big day, she would make it a bigger deal because looking back she didn’t think much of it. However, she thinks that no matter what plans the future has, one must be proud of each individual achievement.

Krista Lebar, the previous Entertainment Editor of The Hiller, now attends Seton Hill University and chose this university because it gave her a good vibe and felt like home; Lebar knew she’d do well there. Seton Hill looks more at scholarship potentials and GPA rather than SAT and ACT scores, which would seem like a dream come true to some students.

On her decision day, Lebar remembers being a little nervous but being more excited about her decision that would lead her to the path for the rest of her life. However, if she could change one thing about her personal decision day, it would be to choose an out-of-state college to have more experience.

Cimino suggests that seniors trust their first instinct about making their decision because the odds of being right are high. Also, she would encourage them to consider the other factors as well, such as financial aid, distance from home, and academic programs.

Moore suggests that each student should for seniors to take a breath, that there is nothing to worry about, and that everyone wants to see every single person succeed! 

Lebar suggests make sure it’s the place that feels right to go to and it feels like a second home. 

The college decision is one that proves to be of great importance to many seniors. And now that college decision day is just a couple weeks away, The Hiller wishes good luck to all senior Hillers!