Student of the Month: April


It is my pleasure to nominate Talon Cain as THS Student of the Month for April. 

Talon is an excellent scholar who always strives to be one of the top academic student in his class, which I am certain he will continue to do in the future. Talon shows a strong desire to learn and a great interest in his academic studies especially in the field of physics and technology. Talon is a very eager student who is always searching for new knowledge and is always looking to improve. He is a dedicated student; thus far, his grades and attendance have been exceptional. Talon strives to be one of the best students in all classes and he always takes classes that will challenge him. In class, he has proven to be a highly motivated person who is able to successfully excel in science and has been able to relate physics to real-life experiences. His ambition exceeds many of his classmates. He has strong future goals and is always striving to reach those goals. You will find astounding commitment in everything he does. Many high school boys struggle to decide what to dedicate themselves to; however, Talon always applies dedication to all activities he is involved in. His devotion goes well beyond any high school senior.

Not only is Talon a superior student, he is also a dedicated member of the Trinity varsity football team, wrestling team, and baseball team, where he has successfully demonstrated team building and leadership through example. Talon is a true team player with the whole team as the focus. Moreover, Talon is a member of the National Honors Society and Student Council member. Through these clubs and activities, one can see his great personality and dedication shine. When Talon has free time, he also works or performs community service. Talon holds a part-time job in food service at a local restaurant and volunteers at the Washington Food Bank, reads at the elementary schools periodically, and he also works the election polls during the elections. He is always willing to help out in anyway. In all these endeavors, he shows great responsibility and maturity. 

Undoubtedly, Talon Cain is worthy of the recognition of THS Student of the Month. 

Nominated by Mrs. Nicole Welsh