Student of the Month: March


It is our pleasure to nominate Morgan Kafana as THS Student of the Month for March. 

Morgan is one of the most diligent and dedicated students that we have ever taught. She is unique because her goal is not to get the assignment completed for a grade; she works for the “Love of Learning” which is an uncommon gift for one so young. Her attention to detail, her proofreading, her double-checking facts, and her questioning all show that she wishes to really know the subject she is learning and writing about, and she wishes to know it thoroughly. 

With her goal of becoming a journalism major and then an investigative reporter, Morgan has not only spent her high school career in the trifecta of the Trinity writing publications, but she has also worked her way up to being the editor in all three – The Hiller Newspaper, the Olympus Yearbook, and the Literary Journal. In addition, she has submitted works to various writing contests such as the Scholastic Competition. Writing factual articles can often be mundane, but Morgan always thinks of a spin to create a clever title and an interesting slant to the story. She is able to elevate her content to appeal to the readers and keep them interested. 

Another gift of Morgan’s is that she is curious. She asks “why” and “how” things happen. She wants the entire picture of everything – from current events to the characters she reads about in literature. Then, she loves discussing what she has learned; she wants to know and she wants to understand. This is truly the makings of an excellent writer but also a well-rounded human being. 

Finally, Morgan is always willing to help other students, listen to their problems, and share what she can to make their work and their day better. She has a smile on her face and time for a friend, even with her full workload of AP classes. This independent, self-sufficient, and responsible young lady is and always will be a success. For all of these reasons, we take great pleasure in nominating Morgan Kafana for Student of the Month. 

Nominated by Mrs. Mary Ann Berty and Mrs. Melanie Dawson