Pet of the month: February


Paige Wiszczor

Shelly and Sheldon swim in their tank. They spend the majority of their time swimming and playing on the rocks.

The pets of the month for February are red ear slider turtles, Shelly and Sheldon. They are owned by Junior Paige Wiszczor. Most people assume that turtles are naturally boring creatures, but they can have great personalities. 

Females are usually longer than the males but, on average, these turtles range from approximately 125-200 mm long; some can even grow up to 350 mm long. Shelly and Sheldon are freshwater turtles that eat naturally aquatic turtle food. They can also eat leafy greens, shrimp, crickets and most food given to them. 

Wiszczor says, “For most of the time, they swim around and play on the rocks. One occasionally snaps at me and the other is usually nice.”

Wiszczor has had these pets for about two months and plans on keeping them for as long as they can live, which can be up to thirty years.

Fun fact: Red ear sliders originally inhabited the southeastern part of the United States, living around the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico. They like to live in calm water, but also like to get out and sunbathe!