Mrs. McCarthy begins new role as psychology teacher


Morgan Kafana

Mrs. McCarthy reviews a notes handout for her 11th period CP Psychology class.

Mrs. McCarthy taught special education at Trinity High School prior to being on maternity leave. She recently began her first day teaching psychology on January 27, 2019. 

McCarthy attended Seton Hill University and double majored in history and education. She earned her Master’s Degree in Special Education and also played basketball on an athletic scholarship. 

She had her second child, Camryn, on August 26, 2019, who is now five months old. She also has a two and a half year old son named Connor, a bulldog named Biff, and a husband who teaches 4th grade at Trinity East. 

McCarthy began teaching because she wanted to be a positive influence and role model for kids. Her favorite part of teaching is the opportunity to create positive relationships with students.

McCarthy’s adjustment coming back to Trinity has been altogether smooth and she’s really been enjoying it. 

McCarthy stated, “I am very happy to be back and so far it has been an easy transition.” 

McCarthy used to spend a lot of time writing Individualized Education Plans as a special education teacher, but now she gets to spend most of her time designing and developing lesson plans as a CP/AP Psych teacher, which she enjoys. McCarthy enjoys creating materials and activities that are engaging and that her students will enjoy. 

One piece of advice McCarthy would like to give to the students of Trinity High School is, “Don’t sweat the small things; lots of high schoolers focus on things that they think are big, but in reality are small in the grand scheme of things.” 

Trinity is excited to welcome Mrs. McCarthy back to the Hiller family, so whenever you see her, show some hospitality and say hi!