Maneuvering Motocross with Moore


Logan Stupak

Moore, decked out in his motocross gear, gets ready for a race.

Seth Moore is a junior at Trinity High School who participates as a motocross racer in competitions around the United States and in the Pittsburgh Area. Motocross is a sport that takes place on a variety of off-road terrain from rocky mountains in the North to the sands of Southern Florida. Racers build their own personalized bikes and compete with each other in speed and endurance races that can get up to 1,500 competitors racing all at once. 

With scheduled events two to three times a month, Moore spends a lot of time at the gym doing cardio. He wants to build confidence and strength in himself in order to remain calm and composed during races.

“I have to have a calm mentality and not be jittery because the moment I mess up not staying focused, I become more vulnerable to wrecking,” Moore states.

Motocross is considered a very dangerous sport due to the extreme speeds and pressure the body has to endure as it shoots over mud ramps and skids across sharp turns. Because the sport takes place outdoors, weather and temperature can also have a disastrous effect on the racers and their performance.  

Moore recalls his unfortunate experiences on the road: “There is not one safe thing about motocross. I’ve dislocated my shoulder and gotten seven or eight concussions.”

But even danger does not stop Moore from pursuing his passion.

“The best feeling is being up front and getting the whole shot,” Moore gushed, “The rush of being first is worth all the hard work.”

Motocross is also centered around having a bike that can withstand the rigor of racing. Moore spent the past winter break repairing his bike so that it would not fall apart so easily. Buying parts for a bike can be quite expensive, but altering and customizing the perfect vehicle is part of the process. Beginners usually start with a cheap bike to practice and slowly build their way up to a more expensive bike.  

Moore combats the need for funds by accepting sponsorships from Motocross businesses. He works with Barner’s Brother Motorcycle shop where he can get discounts on bike parts and work alongside other Motocross enthusiasts. 

Moore also receives support from his family and friends who travel out to watch him race. He is particularly inspired by his father who was an old-school motocross rider. 

With plenty of work cut out ahead for him, Moore wants to make it into more national competitions, and if the conditions are right, make a career out of being a Pro Motocross Athlete.