Trinity’s wrestling team strives for success



Seniors Hunter Franz, Regis Seng, Mason Clemens, Cole Whitmer, J.T. Porter pose for a picture.

The Trinity high school wrestling team’s 2019-2020 season has started, and the athletes are working hard in order to succeed.  Trinity’s wrestling team is known to be a good program for students, giving them great opportunities to do what they are passionate about. 

Wrestling is an age-old sport that is aggressive, grueling and fascinating to anyone watching. This sport takes immense amounts of hard work and dedication. These traits can most definitely be found in the coaches and athletes that make up Trinity’s wrestling team. 

The team comes in at 5:30 A.M. for practice before school, giving the impression that they are in it to win it and will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. 

In the words of  Mr. Marino, Trinity’s assistant wrestling coach, “The early bird gets the worm. We come to practice early because sometimes we compete early in the morning, so it gets the team ready for competition.” 

Clearly, the sport requires much dedication, not only physically but also mentally, to be successful in this sport. But, the team stresses three things the most: Loyalty, attitude, and guts… as the motto goes. 

“Everyone puts their hearts and souls into each match,” stated freshman wrestler Ty Banco.

Although the team has their quarrels, much like every other sport, Trinity’s wrestling coaches, Powell and Marino, both describe the team as a family. They say that teammates are always there for each other and pick each other back up even when things get hard. Even when they fight, at the end of the day they are a team and everything works out. 

Trinity’s wrestling team has had plenty of success in the past, and with that comes hard work and pushing past their limits, which does not seem to be a problem for this group of kids. 

“Never give up on your dreams,” reflected Eli Bash on the team’s work ethic.

The team this year not only looks forward to self-improvement but also the success that is accompanied by hard work. 

Trinity’s wrestling team has a great attitude,  amazing coaching, and an even better group of students to work with who show nothing less than dedication to their sport. These traits are making them a force to be reckoned with this season and many more seasons to come.