Bye, Bye Berty: Mrs. Berty takes flight for retirement

Her iconic face has been seen at Trinity high school for 46 years. It is after this time that Mrs. Berty made the decision to retire later on in January.

After graduating high school, Berty attended California University where she majored in speech and debate. A year later she went back and received certification in English, journalism and special education. That being said, her involvement in these comes from being on her high school speech team. Berty was also a member of her college debate team and qualified for nationals, however, she was unable to attend because it was during student teaching and she was told her job was to become a teacher. She also had a column in her college newspaper in which the staff writers wrote disguised and  letters that gave the student body “advice.”

“I became a teacher because I had a really great speech and debate teacher in high school, Peggy Pepper. She told us how important it was to be a speech teacher as well as coach,” stated Berty.

She began her teaching career in 1972 as a substitute in the Avella and Beth Center school districts. However, a year later Berty was awarded a position at Trinity, which was considered a prime school in Pennsylvania at the time. 

Over the course of time, she has been an active leader in clubs and activities throughout the school. In 1974, she started the Literary Journal with a colleague and in 2019 the journal won the American Scholastic Press Association award for the first time ever, receiving First Place with Special Merit and Outstanding Literary Journal of 2019, under the advisement of both Mrs. Berty and Mrs. O’Lare.

In addition, Berty has been a speech and debate teacher as well as a coach since 1975. Her involvement with this subject has led her to become a Triple Diamond award, for being a coach for the National Speech and Debate Association. She has coached two students who have won state championships, one of them taking 1st place in the national championships. He was the 11th PA student to win Nationals. The love she has for this subject has earned her the title of executive secretary for the Pennsylvania Speech and Debate Association. She has been elected to the Pennsylvania High School Speech and Debate League Hall of Fame in 1995. 

Berty has served as a National Honor Society advisor since 1981 and is involved in other clubs including TLC and Odyssey. She has also served as a class advisor in 1978, 1990, 2002 and 2015. 

“The reason why I’m involved in these clubs is because I like to give students an outlet in the school day. I want them to be able to express themselves and also debate things that they might not agree within class. I like them to apply all the things they have learned in all of their classes,” commented Berty.

Being a teacher has taught her how to see people from every viewpoint. She’s going to miss the everyday interaction with her students, staff members, and administration.

“I have been able to work with so many dedicated people in an amazing school district starting from the time I was hired until the time I left,” said Berty.

Upon retirement, she plans to be a substitute throughout the Trinity district, coach the Speech and Debate as well as Odyssey of the Mind team and work the election polls.

When she’s not involved in the school, Berty enjoys researching her community and allowing the pieces of it to connect. Aside from this, she also looks up her family genealogy, discovering what countries her ancestors came from. 

“I love to research the why of things, such as why something happened or why a person chose to be a part of the things that they are,” remarked Berty.

In her downtime, she also enjoys the comfort of a good book and watching reruns of her favorite tv show, The Closer

In her time as a teacher, Mrs. Berty has achieved the goal of impacting her student and staff members’ lives. It is with great anticipation that we wait to see what she will do after she spreads her wings and leaves Trinity High School upon retirement.