Trinity students crescendo into District Orchestra, Choir


Emma Malinak

District Orchestra students (from left to right), Sophomore Meredith Bryant, Junior Emma Malinak, and Seniors Alison Spadaro and Evelyn Flickenger

Every year, students who are interested in music are given the opportunity to participate in District Orchestra or Choir. Students in chorus attend District Choir while students who are in string orchestra and concert band attend District Orchestra.

Districts is a special festival that is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Music Education Association, or PMEA, and is an opportunity for students of all musical talents to come together and perform as one large orchestra. However, it is not an event where students can just kick back, relax, and have fun.

Senior Brett Zimmerman said that “Districts are basically the WPIALs of choir and orchestra.”

Before students are allowed to perform in Districts, there is an arduous audition process where students are carefully selected for the festival. Students from almost every school in southwestern Pennsylvania audition for these seats, and many are declined. But despite this fierce competition, Trinity always sends talented students to Districts.

This year, four Trinity students will be attending District Orchestra: Senior Alison Spadaro (violin), Evelyn Flickinger (clarinet), Junior Emma Malinak (viola), and Sophomore Meredith Bryant (violin). And in District Choir, Junior Rachel Faust attended auditions and was selected to go on to regions.

These students have spent weeks preparing for Districts, and their dedication to music has not gone unnoticed. But,

similar to WPIALs, Districts is not the highest level music students can reach.

Rachel Faust said that “There are about 100 people in Districts. Of those 100, the top 12 go to regions, then the top students go on to states, and finally, the top students go on to All-East.”

All-East means that students from all the East Coast states will attend the final orchestra or choral performance.

District Choir took place from January 15 through 17, and District Orchestra will take place January 30 through February 1. Both District Orchestra and Choir performances will be held at Chartiers Valley High School.

Districts not only allows students to see what it is like to be a part of a professional ensemble, but also offers students a difficult repertoire of music that allows them to hone their musical talents. This challenge is what many students crave, and Districts is the best way to quench that desire.

Alison Spadaro said, “If you want to get into Districts, the best thing you can do is practice!”

Although the process to get to Districts is challenging, it shouldn’t deter any student. If a student has the desire and drive, they can make it to Districts. But the main key to success all has to start with a love for music.