Student of the Month: January


It is my pleasure to nominate Kristin Leep as THS Student of the Month for January. 

She has always been the “go to” student whenever a class or club project needs spearheaded and completed with accuracy and creativity. In such projects, she is always the silent organizer and leader to be sure things are done in the best way possible. As the National Honor Society secretary, her responsibility is to organize and lead the blood drives. The fall drive had the highest donor number in four years and the recent December event was slated to match that. Other responsibilities in this office are record keeping and assisting all the other officers with their projects. 

As a member of the Trinity Leadership Committee, she and another student organized the first full school-wide homeroom club and activity fair ever held. This took place by grade levels each day for a week in September. Their goal was to acquaint all students with the number of activities that are offered to all students. Besides wanting to increase student involvement in the school, they want this to be an annual school led event. 

Kristen has been serving the community by volunteering weekly at the Washington Hospital for the last three years, accumulating 120 hours to date. This is where she developed her commitment to a nursing career with hopes of becoming a nurse practitioner. 

Moreover, her dedication to dance began in 2004 and has continued throughout the years. Teaching dance and performing, especially in the annual holiday Nutcracker Suite, shows the discipline and organizational skills she has to balance her academics and service choices.

In addition to these time-consuming responsibilities, Kristen has taken several online college courses to lighten her academic and financial load before attending college. 

Most of all, Kristen is a wonderful student, person, and human being. Everyone knows she can be counted upon to follow through with a project and more importantly, help wherever needed. She is the quiet student who makes things happen and never complains nor asks for acknowledgment. She gives compliments to the group before she would take the credit she deserves. Her unselfish dedication to life serves her well now and in her future goals. 

Kristin Leep is a deserving Trinity senior for the honor of THS Student of the Month. Nominated by Mrs. Mary Ann Berty