Trinity welcomes new math teacher, soccer coach


Gracyn Kafana

Special education teacher, Mr. Sukolsky joins the Hiller staff.

To begin the 2019-2020 school year, Trinity High School acquired a new teacher and boys’ soccer coach, Mr. Sukolsky. After graduating from the University of Mount Union last year, Sukolsky decided to make the decision of becoming the newest Trinity Hiller, on and off the field. 

Sukolsky is one of Trinity’s special education teachers and co-teaches alongside Mr. Rhodes. Teaching math was not always the goal he had in mind, but after thinking about his options, it was a winner. 

“I know it’s an area a lot of students struggle in. I like to be able to offer support,” Sukolsky remarked. 

Due to helping coach the boy’s soccer team, he has been exposed to so many fresh faces, whether they are students, parents or fellow staff members.

“Being a soccer coach has helped me know more students and feel more comfortable in the building,” he stated. 

Soccer has always been a big part of Sukolsky’s life and he loves being around it. He played on his high school’s team and also for Mount Union’s team. This experience has helped him greatly as a coach.

“I’ve dealt with a lot of different coaching styles. I know what players respond to. I’ve picked up different drills and plays from experiences,” Sukolsky said.

Coaching at Trinity gave him the opportunity to still enjoy the sport and be a teacher at the same time. That being said, he claims that the transition from being in college last year to being a responsible adult was not too bad, thanks in part to student teaching.

The boys varsity soccer coach, Ryan Julian, was thrilled to have another coach as skilled as Sukolsky. He really appreciates everything Sukolsky has done for the team. 

“He’s done well. It took him a few weeks to open up. Now, he is very vocal in sharing his wisdom with the team. He’s a huge asset, defensive minded and a good member to the coaching staff,” explained Julian. 

As the year continues, Sukolsky is excited to see what else Trinity has to offer and to learn more about the school. So, #bethekindkid and help welcome Sukolsky into the Hiller family.