Hiller impacts Trinity High School’s safety


This year, Hiller received 1st place as a Novice K9 Team at an event with his handler Sergeant Shaffer.

In 2017, Trinity High School welcomed canine police officer, Hiller, to enforce safety protocol. 

Hiller serves many purposes in the school. He is best known for discovering harmful products, seeking out trespassers and locating lost students and faculty if needed.

Hiller has achieved many accomplishments. His most recent was receiving First Place as a Novice K9 Team at the Region 6 United States Police Canine Association (USPCA) Trial with Sergeant Shaffer, Hiller’s handler. The trial was held in Smyrna, Delaware, on September 28 and 28, 2019, and was hosted by the Delaware Department of Corrections.  Approximately 35 teams competed in these trials. On the first day of the competition, teams focused on the Agility Course, Article Recovery, Obedience, and Human Detection exercises, all of which Hiller completed with flying colors.

The next day, the canines completed the Apprehension Exercise, which was conducted with and without gunfire. According to Karen Mansfield of the Observer Reporter, one of Hiller’s most “mentally exhausting and demanding” exercises in the trials was when he had to run, bite, and overpower a man who was acting as a criminal. 

“Hiller’s abilities to detect hazardous materials, intruders and missing persons, greatly improves the security posture of the school district and its students,” said Sergeant Shaffer, Canine Officer, and Supervisor.  

Sergeant Shaffer uses his prior skill sets as a Marine and security professional to secure the school grounds. His previous duties qualified him to become the best fit as Hiller’s trainer and handler. 

After Hiller’s performance at the USPCA trial, it is clear that if any emergency situation would occur, Hiller can address the problem quickly and efficiently.