The perfect guide to gift giving

Merry Christmas!

Photo via Google Images under Creative Commons License

Merry Christmas!

The holiday season is one of the best times of the year, especially opening gifts, drinking hot cocoa, watching holiday movies, and spending time with family. But one of the toughest decisions to make during this happy holiday is what to buy as a gift for those you love. This gift giving guide will help to take the stress out of the holiday season! 

There are various options to choose from for the holidays. Visa gift cards, headphones and slippers make perfect gifts for everyone. Wallets, cozy shorts and bluetooth speakers make great gifts for guys. Scrunchies, phone cases and necklaces all make ideal gifts for girls. Lastly, lip balm, portable chargers and pop sockets make perfect gifts for the youth, while neck massagers, blankets and puzzles make lovely gifts for elders. 

Some prefer simply buying gifts while others like to add a personal touch. Buying gifts is not the only resort to choose from. Homemade gifts from the heart are just as good.

Sophomore Summer Ballentyne says, “I always give homemade gifts because I think there’s more love put into them.”

Although she likes gifting homemade items, Ballentyne prefers store-bought gifts if someone’s buying for her. 

Sophomore Suzana Roupe says, “I like giving gifts more because the look on their face is priceless.”

Meanwhile, some ask themselves, what makes up the “perfect” gift? 

Ballentyne says her idea of the perfect gift is money because then a person can buy anything. Plus, it’s easier, especially if someone is unsure of what they want.

In time, people may be hard to shop for. Teenagers are especially hard, because they are often picky and get upset when they don’t receive what they desire. Therefore, some of the ideal gifts for teens are money and gift cards.

Some parents on the other hand, take their children shopping with them. Many people, however, say this is terminating the true spirit of Christmas or the holidays in general.

 Overall, gift buying can be a difficult task and can leave some unsure of what to get for friends and family. If you are struggling, just buy from the heart. As long as you buy somebody a gift that came from the heart, nobody can truly say that you’re an unsuccessful gift giver.