Trinity hosts silent dance for special needs students


Mr. Modrak

Students from four different school districts come together to share a silent dance, which helps them with sensory overload issues.

On November 12, Trinity High School hosted a silent dance in lieu of a typical formal for students with special needs from Trinity Middle and High School, Washington High School and McGuffey High School. The dance was held to provide students sensory sensitive headphones that the students could use to change music categories and control the volume. These headphones were brought in by the company Frequency 528 to be sensitive toward some students that might have sensory overload issues.

This dance was coordinated by Ms. Belleville, Mrs. Giorgi and TLC (Trinity Leadership Committee). Mr. Modrak and Mrs. Berty, TLC advisors, worked with twelve of the club’s members to raise money to hire Frequency 528 and to provide food and drink for the students in attendance.

“This couldn’t have happened without the school district and special education’s support. It’s nice to see that all members of the Hiller community can come together and provide something for everyone,” stated Berty.

The ability to impact students’ lives is something that can be achieved in countless ways. Thanks to all these organizations coming together, special needs students were provided with high school memories that will last a lifetime.