The Haunted Locker

“We, like have to break into the school on Halloween night? That’s just plain spooky, Liz.” fretted Chad.

“We’re not breaking in we’re just reporting to your locker at the way, way end of the day, just after ‘student drivers, you are permitted to leave, have a great day’ and besides,” continued Liz, “whats in the dark that isn’t there in the light?”

“Well, you’ve never been in any basement.”

“I left the stuff for Mrs. Bochers powerpoint in my locker and she insists it get turned in tomorrow or it’s 1,350 points off! You gotta come with me.” 

“Why me?”

“Your the only person I know that has seen all.”

“That place is locked up tighter than Fort Fox.”

“It’s Fort Rocks, and I know a way in.”

They broke in through a slightly open greenhouse window, with Liz nearly crashing into a floral arrangement when she slipped on several potatoes.

As they crept down the hall by the dim light of their cell phones they reluctantly ignored the multiple notifications. 

“Wow, this place smells so good, all the flowers, it reminds me of the last time I saw my grandma.”

Liz commented as she struggled to her feet.

“Come on,” urged Chad. “Where is your locker? Um, down at the end of the hall just past mr. Coyle’s new chainsaw repair workshop.”

All schools are, as museums, scary past nightfall, especially those with a history or hauntings… like Trinity dear old Trinity.

“I heard they caught kids vaping right here.”

Each step down the hall got creeper, darker, eerie.

Do the cameras work at night?

They caught each others eye as the passed chain saw repair when they heard a hum – rattle and humming sound. 

“Its just those old chain saws changing.” Said Liz.

Chad may have changed her outlook when he hold her.

“They run on gasoline.”

“Oh,… oh my.”

At her locker she spun the dial like a seasonal safecracked…pop…but then screamed in terror- like when she got her first AP Bio test back. She fell backward, still with potatoe on her left VAN, into his arms. She collected her self and quietly chuckled… her head clearing.

“Oh my goodness… it’s just that Mr. Samosky t-shirt it attacked me.”


“You remember, that t-shirt with Mr. Samosky on it. My mother said I couldn’t keep it at home it frightened her when she did the wash.”

“Come on, Liz grab your stuff and lets go. The chainsaws are louder… they sound eager. The running car is waiting.”