What Would Chelsea Do?


Gina Gossett

A painting of the old bell tower that was taken in the board room.

I’ve never been the type of man who finds horror appealing. Everyone who actually likes horror is insane, and I have science to prove it! The main reason we feel fear is to prepare ourselves for any danger that may or may not be there, so if you like horror, you are breaking your genetic instinct. Way to go, horror fans!

Okay, sorry for that side tangent, onwards to the main course! Until only a few weeks ago, I’ve never heard of this Trinity Ghost. A ghost at Trinity? What utter nonsense! I’ve been in this school for four years, and I’ve yet to see any amount of paranormal activity. I happily took on this case to uncover the secrets of our very own poltergeist.

From my background research, I found that there is only one teacher in all of the school district who would have reliable information on the ghost: Mrs. Berty. During homeroom, I asked Mrs. Berty a few questions. 

“So who exactly is this Trinity Ghost?” I inquired.

“No one knows for sure, but legend says that it’s an old 19th century Cadet.”

Mrs. Berty then told me the remainder of the story, I’ll paraphrase it for you readers at home. People have heard suspicious sounds and seen lurking shadows in the old guidance office, which is now the basement of the Trinity Museum. It only comes out at night, usually around 9 o’clock. Years ago, when her husband worked at the school, he was in the museum and heard all of this flushing coming from a girls’ bathroom in the old building. Even one of the janitors heard it. They both decided to investigate, and when they went in, no one was there. Interestingly enough, it wasn’t the same toilet flushing. Every toilet flushed at least once.

“Check with Mr. Chris Bombash! If there is a ghost, he would know!” Berty excitedly exclaimed.

I had a lead…

Berty told me to check with Mr. Chris Bombash, so I took up on her clue. I found Mr. Bombash, and asked him about Trinity’s Ghost.

He chuckled, looked me dead in the eye, and said: “I don’t know nothin’ about it. See Mr. Scott, he’s seen it.”

I was off to find another witness…

The next morning, I approached Mr. Scott and asked him about Trinity’s Ghost. He responded by saying he pleads

the fifth, he won’t talk to me about it. What is going on here?

It was in the middle of my perplexion until I found more evidence. 

In an article written by the Observer Reporter on May 17, 2015, titled “Trinity to preserve history of military academy,” the Trinity Ghost is mentioned!  In this report, the ghost is said to sometimes float down the hall, wearing a civil war style, navy blue uniform. It was reported that one teacher heard footsteps and saw the figure near the family consumer science rooms. When she called out “can I help you?” the ghost slowly turned around and disappeared. At night, it is also said that the Trinity Ghost will play old music from the 19th century, although you can never find where the music is coming from. Now this is the good stuff!

After reading some of these stories, let’s finally address the question, what would Chelsea do? The answer to me seems pretty simple. As soon as it turns dark, get the heck out of the building! But let’s assume that you can’t drive and are locked inside Trinity’s little house of horror. From all of the reports, most of the paranormal activity takes place near Old Main, so try to stay as far away as possible! I’d recommend camping out near the Herr Mac’s room or the Preschool, that’s the furthest away you can be from Old Main. If you’re really dumb, you’d decide that the best place to chill out would be the basement. If you’ve seen any amount of horror fiction, you’ll know that this is a suicidal idea! One last bit of advice, don’t be stupid and walk up to the ghost. If you see him, it may be best to say “can I help you?” since that caused him to leave people alone before.

I wish you all the best of luck in Trick-or-Treating this Halloween! May all of your bags be filled with whatever treat your heart so desires! But I believe it would be for the best if you decided not to hang around Trinity this evening…

Happy Halloween, and stay awesome!


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