2019 brings New Year resolutions

New Year resolutions are common for people who want to better themselves.  They include goals to break bad habits, change appearances or to even rid past mistakes. With a quick Google search, you can find that the definition of resolution is a firm decision to do something or to avoid doing something. People need to stop picking pointless resolutions for New Years and pick a resolution that actually makes a difference in the world.

Some unimportant resolutions may include drinking less pop, going to bed earlier or even eating healthier.  Yes, these self-centered resolutions are beneficial to you, but it is time to see the bigger picture. Instead of having minor resolutions, why not create a resolution that can benefit others?

For example, a great resolution could be to donate more to charities and shelters. Go through your closet and donate the clothing you haven’t worn in years. Another important resolution could be to not be a bystander and to step in when you see someone is getting bullied. Also, taking care of the earth by recycling and picking up litter is a great resolution because it helps conserve and protect our environment and wildlife.   Finally, you could simply have a resolution that involves being more empathetic, caring and loving toward others. Creating a New Year’s Resolution that helps others will make you feel and appear as a more charitable and thoughtful person.

The year of 2019 could finally be the year that humans spread love and make this world a better place.  Let’s leave our conceited desires in 2018 and begin the new year with productive resolutions and as finer people .