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“Aoi” by Madison Finfrock

Gina Gossett, Arts and Entertainment Editor

January 21, 2020

Trinity High School Senior Madison Finfrock recently finished her drawing “Aoi.” “Aoi” is a drawing of the lead guitarist, Aoi, from the Japanese rock band “The Gazette.” Planning to give as a present, Finfrock hand drew this piece with pencil and white gel on white drawing paper....

“The Muppet Show” by Cole Suchoza

Gina Gossett, Arts and Entertainment Editor

November 19, 2019

Trinity High School Freshman Cole Suchoza just finished his latest piece, “The Muppet Show.” “The Muppet Show” was hand drawn on a large piece of paper, and colored with crayons to turn in for his Drawing One class. Suchoza choose to do the “Muppet Show” because it is his favorite show and had his favorite characters including Kermit, Animal...

“The Fox Emerges” by Jillian Sanders

Gina Gossett, Arts and Entertainment Editor

October 10, 2019

Jillian Sanders, a junior at Trinity High School, just finished her latest drawing titled “The Fox Emerges.” It was created with pencil on white drawing paper for her Drawing 1 class. Sanders chose to draw “The Fox Emerges”  because she wanted to compare it to a similar drawing she drew whe...

“Society-Assisted Suicide” by Christiana Bouvy

October 4, 2018

Christiana Bouvy, a junior at Trinity High School, is in the process of creating a new piece of artwork titled “Society-Assisted Suicide.” This painting comments on the fact that people are will to do anything, such as smoking, to fit in with the rest of society. Bouvy has been painting ever since she could...

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