How early is too early to celebrate Christmas?

As the holiday season quickly approaches, traditions such as decorating the outdoors with lights, hanging stockings, putting up the tree, baking sweet treats and watching holiday movies are all things that need to be done. To begin, the holiday season is filled with great memories of opening gifts and receiving them as well. Moreover, the big question of this joyous season is how early is too early to start celebrating Christmas?

When it comes to indoor decorating, what comes to mind are things such as stockings, nutcrackers, cinnamon scented pine cones and the focal point of the room, the Christmas tree. The best time to begin decorating the inside of a home is slightly before or after Thanksgiving, because decorating indoors is something done in the privacy of the home.

This time frame is different for decorating the outdoors. Decorating outside the family home should be done closer to Christmas. Those that choose to decorate should wait until about two weeks before Christmas to display items such as glistening lights, wreaths and any blow-up decorations. Most families enjoy jumping in the car and looking at light displays which can be done closer to the holiday season. Viewing lights are one of the many traditions families have.

However, stores aren’t the only places broadcasting the most wonderful time of the year; some television stations began broadcasting Christmas movies. The Hallmark channel began broadcasting their Christmas movies on November first. Other channels only broadcast select movies at specific times. There are several different movies that focus on this holiday, but there are key ones that people find themselves watching every year. The most common movies to watch before or directly after Thanksgiving include Little Women, Home Alone, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Elf, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Scrooged, Gremlins, Die Hard and The Grinch.

Next, shopping is something that few people enjoy due to the long check-out lines and the crowded aisles. People may ponder this chilly holiday season is how early to begin Christmas shopping can be done at any time in the year, from the hot months of summer to the cool months in fall to the days right after Christmas. In conclusion, it’s never too early to begin holiday shopping.

When it comes to wrapping those gifts, there are two common time frames of when to do this. The first few weeks before Christmas Day and the second on Christmas Eve.

This festive time of year is also filled with savory, home-cooked foods and sweet treats that everyone is bound to like. Holiday cooking is typically done a few days before Christmas, but baking is a different story. Baking cookies, making chocolate and other types of deserts can be done any time of the year. The majority of desserts like cookies and chocolate can easily be frozen and defrosted for this occasion. As for the deserts that can’t be frozen, the typical time to start making them is a few days before Christmas.

The best time to start preparing for Christmas is around Thanksgiving. When it comes to festive movies, shopping and wrapping gifts, baking and decorating, the time to start is upon us.