What Would Chelsea Do?

Am I the only one who feels like everyday consists of the same boring routine?  I am in a constant loop of blah that I can’t seem to escape. I wake up, go to school, take a nap, do homework, then go back to sleep. Where is the excitement?  You know it’s bad when the peak of my day consists of when all my Candy Crush lives are full. I know I am not alone when it comes to being stuck in the Lazy Loop of Life.  The truth is, all we need is a little bit of motivation and stronger coffee in order to get back on our feet.

So, WWCD in order to become less sluggish and add some enthusiasm back into her days?  Here are a few pointers that can benefit us all in these struggling times.

One tip to spice up your day is to try out new exercises.  Switch up your routine by going for a walk, doing yoga or maybe even riding a bike. Breaking a sweat is not only a great way to pass time, but it also relieves stress and helps you stay healthy.

Another tip could be finding a hobby or a job to do in spare time. Put down your phone and pick up some paint brushes.  Try to expand your knowledge and learn a new language. Also, applying for a job is not the worst idea in the world. Having a job will not only keep you busy, but can provide extra cash which is always helpful for a high school student.

My final tip to help change up the days is to get ahead in school.  Stop waiting last minute to study for a test. Start homework early so you can have days off in the future. There is always something to work on to help your grades out.

We can all defeat the Lazy Loop of Life if we work hard and are willing to change. Act soon before it is too late to escape!