The final chapter



The Hiller Newspaper’s annual Christmas sweater picture that the staff members take.

In the literary journal this year, we talked about closing chapters and opening new ones. For some seniors, this final year of school may seem like the home stretch of our high school careers, but to me, it’s more like the closing chapter of our book. 

From the time we each began our journey through school, another journey came with it, that of a book. That book was one that we wrote every day of our lives and as time passed we would close one chapter and begin another with each grade. Once we ended our elementary education, that book was finished being written and a second one was added to the series known as life. As time continued to pass, we then proceeded to open a new story and close it within a matter of three years. 

However, this next book in the series is one that is filled with questions, answers, and trying to figure out the kind of character that we want to write ourselves to be. In a matter of four years, we have said hello and goodbye to friends, teachers, and maybe even a relationship or two. In four years a plethora of stories has been told in each of those four chapters that we have written. 

Now we are reaching the end of that final chapter. We have grown from children to young adults that have learned from our mistakes. In this final chapter, we have remained together through the dramatic climaxes and unknown resolutions. This last chapter will be what each and every one of us make it for ourselves. Some characters will come and some will go, we’ll move on and be forced to close this last book in the series known as life.

Though we may be closing this fourth and final chapter, that doesn’t mean we can’t look back on all the memories we’ve made. Much like a favorite book, we can recall our favorite parts, our not so favorite ones, and even memorable characters. The only catch is that we can’t go back and rewrite this story, nor can we prevent the chapter from closing. What we can control is this last little piece of our book that we have left. Though right now it seems like this chapter might end up a tragedy, there are still ways that we can turn it around. We can choose not to let this problem bring us down; instead, remember what we have to be grateful for. We have had the honor of knowing incredible characters, some of them students and others teachers. We have learned and discovered who we are and what we want to do with our lives. But above all, we have made memories with friends that will matter and overpower this problem. As we end this final chapter, dear Class of 2020, remember that we are the vision of the future, not the past! For one last time, go Hillers!