Rae Lynn Simpson to attend Kent State for Interior Design


Rae Lynn Simpson, after graduating high school, plans to put her artistic side to use by going into interior design at Kent State University.

Trinity High School Senior Rae Lynn Simpson is continuing her education for Interior Design at Kent State University one of the best interior design programs in the nation, to make her creativity and love for designing into a career. 

Simpson has had this career plan since February and explained why she chose this specific path: “I’ve always been fascinated with the details, colors, arrangements, and stylistic aspects of buildings and rooms.” 

She describes herself as a very creative person and that she wants to bring her ideas to life and put her skills to the test in the real world. 

Interior Design provides her with a very flexible job and the freedom to have full creativity over someone’s home. 

“I want to have freedom with what I create and with the ambiance I set in others’ spaces,” states Simpson.

Simpson plans on working for an interior design company once she graduates college but her ultimate goal is to one day have a company of her own. 

Interior design is a career path based on bringing design elements into a space and making it your own. 

Simpson says she is most excited about “the endless possibilities in her business and education.”

Simpson is not minoring in anything yet, but she hopes to take a few business classes to help her better her chances of developing her own company in the future.