Seniors say goodbye


Photo accessed via Google Images under the Creative Commons License

Even though this years senior class didn't get to finish out the year, they will still have the ones they've made with the time they did have.

For Trinity seniors, 2020 marks the year of their last high school prom, their last season to play high school sports, and their last opportunity to make high school memories to last a lifetime. The coronavirus has taken its toll on the class of 2020. But, although the year had to be cut short, the seniors still managed to make their last year of high school very memorable. 

Time is fragile; many take it for granted, but soon enough freshman year turns to senior year within a blink of an eye. Everyone at Trinity does their best to give students four years of memories they will never forget, including the seniors. 

Despite the fact that seniors did not get the chance to experience their last prom, they still got to experience their last Fall Formal, enjoying the events of getting to dress up, going out to eat and dancing the night away with their friends. They got a chance to experience some of their last few pep assemblies which always include games, competitions and singing the Alma Mater. They also got to experience their last spirit week, which is filled with several creative opportunities to dress up and display their school spirit. 

Continuing on, 2020 also reveals what the future holds for our seniors. It’s the year they decide on what they want to do with the rest of their lives, which can seem very intimidating. They must decide what college they want to attend, what career path they’re passionate about, or if they want to serve our country. 

Senior Caitlin Johnson plans to major in digital media production, which she is extremely passionate about. This entails video editing and film, which she has been interested in since childhood. 

Johnson pointed out that her favorite part of senior year was, “Being able to see all my friends every day and actually enjoying my teachers. All my classes this year were very enjoyable and entertaining.” 

It is key for students to have those teachers that make high school enjoyable. 

Johnson is grateful for all her teachers’ help, especially during this tough and confusing time. 

On the other hand, Senior Jonah Spencer finds it extremely upsetting to have his last year cut short. He hates not being able to see his friends or teachers everyday.

According to Spencer, the advice he hopes to give to others is to “ Make the best out of every moment while you’re in high school, don’t forget to join the sports and clubs that Trinity surely provides, and go out there and make new friends.” 

As a part of Hiller nation, the least we can do is to keep our head up and show recognition for our heroic seniors who are doing what they can to make the best moments out of their senior year.