Alina Mayton goes to Denison University for theatre


Senior Alina Mayton is excited to start her new adventure at Denison University.

Denison University is a private liberal arts college in Granville, Ohio. It’s one of the earliest colleges established in the former Northwest Territory. The acceptance rate is 37%, and Alina Mayton is one of few students who was accepted in the Fall 2020 semester. 

She has decided to major in theatre: “Denison is one of few schools where you don’t have to audition for their theatre program, and theatre has been my passion since I was a child.” 

Mayton is excited to see what she is going to be able to learn at Denison University and meet people who have the same interests as her. She decided to major in theatre because she has a love for acting, and being able to make that become a career would be a great opportunity for her. 

She has been in four musicals at Trinity High School, including “Barnum”, “Annie Get Your Gun”, “The Wizard of Oz”, and “The Little Mermaid.” She did two Little Lake Theatre Apprentice showcases as well. Mayton was in their apprenticeship program for two years, and every year the apprentices have a showcase and perform in their own show. 

Mayton was also in one of Little Lake’s Children’s Theatre shows, “The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.” She also served as the stage manager and worked on the stage crew for the Little Lake theatre. 

In describing what she loves about performing, Mayton stated, “Being able to get away from Alina for a little bit and explore what it would be like to be someone else. It’s fun to try and put yourself in someone else’s shoes, but also being able to bring your own personal twist into it. It’s fun to dive into different time periods and explore so many different fantasies.”

She is ready for a change in her life, and is really excited for what’s to come. She would love to go on broadway one day, or be on the big screen in the future. 

Mayton has a few words for her classmates at Trinity High School, “I wish our year wasn’t cut short. My heart goes out to my fellow classmates, we did a lot with what we had, I wish the best to everyone and their future endeavors. I wish the best to the underclassmen, and I hope that they know now not to take these high school memories for granted.”

Best of luck to Alina Mayton on her journey at Denison University, as even though her senior year was cut short, she is eager to start a new chapter in her life.