Emma Taylor types her way to success



After graduation, Emma Taylor is excited to attend Robert Morris University to major in cybersecurity.

Many students in college are studying education, business or even a profession in the medical field. However, one particular student decided to travel the less chosen path and take on a new challenge. 

After four years at Trinity, senior Emma Taylor decided to continue her education at Robert Morris University to major in cybersecurity. Robert Morris is a private university located in Moon Township, Pennsylvania. 

She stated, “I chose to study at this University because RMU had the best classes and programs for Cyber Security and I really love the school.”

Students studying cyber security learn techniques used to detect, respond to, and prevent network intrusions. Graduates can go on to work for law enforcement agencies, companies, and other private organizations.

Taylor explained, “A cyber security major protects and stops cyber attacks on the government, personal devices and anything that connects to the internet. Cyber attacks being hackers, malware, and any malicious software. I chose cybersecurity because I’ve always loved computers and tech growing up. Also, I love helping people so I found a major that involves both!”

To help prepare for this new adventure, she took a class called Python Programming that is taught at Trinity. In Python Programming, students learn how to code in the Python programming language, how to make repeating programs, and gain an understanding of computer language.

Taylor was also a member of Trinity High School’s marching band for the last five years. During her time at Trinity she had many wonderful memories that she’ll never forget.

“I’m going to miss all my friends I’ve grown up with and known throughout the years, and I’ll miss the teachers, too. A favorite memory of mine is walking into the band room after being out sick for a little while and everyone shouting and welcoming me back,” she said.

Taylor plans to be a part of Robet Morris’ show band and concert band her sophomore year, where she will continue to play the trumpet with her fellow Robert Morris Colonials.

After college, she hopes to pursue a career working for the FBI or a security service. Congratulations to Emma Taylor and her acceptance to RMU’s cybersecurity program!