Running on after high school



Kelsey Butka running the 1600 at the Washington-Greene county coaches meet.

Some seniors stop training in sports during their final year of high school, while others decide that they can’t give that up and continue to compete in college.

Senior Kesley Butka has been running track since she was ten years old, but has only been competing for six years. Butka wanted to participate in track because she loves running and was able to run with some of her closest friends, like Lucie Towers. Towers and Butka had been running buddies for five years and have an immense amount of things in common, like the fact they are both distance runners. Butka is going to miss all of the other distance runners as well, and will miss running at invitationals. 

“Each year at the invitationals I was working on different methods to try and place as high as possible,” said Butka. 

Over the years, Butka has competed in the 3200, 1600, and occasionally the 4×8 relay. Once she begins her college education at Washington and Jefferson next year, she will compete in Division III and would like to continue on with the 3200 and 1600, but also try some longer distance events as well. Butka will have to balance this sport with the classes that she is taking to pursue the field of psychology. 

Due to this, Butka thinks that track will be harder in college: “I think running and studying is going to take up a lot of time, but that it is something I am willing to do so I can continue the sport I love.”

Senior Jonathan Stout is also going to continue competing in track throughout college. He is attending West Liberty University for a major in business administration with a minor in athletic coaching. He has been running track since his freshman year of high school. 

“I started track because everyone from cross country was running track, so I figured why not,” says Stout.

He will miss everyone from the track team. He will also miss the cross country boys because, “those are his brothers.” During track, Stout ran the 400-meter dash, mile, and two-mile.

In college he is going to compete in Division II and wants to run the 800 and 1600. He thinks college track will be harder than high school track.

Stout says, “You go from being one of the best in high school, then are shell shocked when you realize you are just average in college. I am sure I will have to work from the bottom to the top.”

Jonathan hopes that at college he will not have too much free time because he would waste it. “Hopefully, my coaches and teammates will keep me on track,” stated Stout.

Stout has many memories from high school track that he never wants to forget. One of his favorite memories was going to Pine Richland for a giant track meet. Every year it would rain during his event, so it would always get postponed. He would then race under the lights, late at night, with everyone watching in the rain.

Even though the seniors of the Trinity track and field team have to say goodbye, they will always have the memories that they have shared over the years. Trinity wishes all them good luck for wherever their feet take them.