Beels takes football to next level


Trinity Senior, Austin Beels is playing football for Fairmont State Univeristy.

Hiller football player Austin Beels is graduating from Trinity High School in the spring of 2020. He plans to go to college at Fairmont State University and continue his passion of playing football. 

Beels initially caught the interest of Fairmont State University when they were in the process of scouting out players for their football team. While Beels was already impressed by the university’s coaching staff and was set on going there to play at the D3 level, a division of college football, Fairmont State University sealed the deal and offered Beels a chance to earn a scholarship. 

Beels believes that Fairmont State is the perfect college to further his education. Being not too small and not too big, the university offers a criminal justice program for aspiring state troopers like Beels.

He says, “Being a state trooper has always been something I’ve wanted to do; if you went back and asked anyone who knew me they could probably tell you that’s something I’ve wanted to do…My grandpa was a state trooper, and I want to follow in his footsteps.”

Along with his dream of becoming a state trooper, Beels also hopes to coach football in the future. 

He started playing football for Trinity West when he was in fourth grade. Since then, he has been nominated as captain of the football team by one of his best friends. Beels feels that it is support of family, coaches, and teammates that makes football a rewarding experience.

He explains, “They have pushed me to be the person / player I am today. On days I wasn’t feeling practice or school, someone was there to push me to be my very best.”

Beels tries to never miss a single practice and offers his leadership to anyone who needs help, since being on the team is no easy feat.

“No one sees what the football team does, no one sees the 9 a.m. workouts every single summer day, or the two practices a day in the middle of August.”

“Coach Smith always said, ‘If it was easy, everyone would do it,’ and that’s true; the grind and hustle to play this game is amazing…” Beels asserts.  

Playing football teaches people many life lessons of endurance and discipline. Beels feels that no matter where he is, he is ready to adapt and adjust to his surroundings.

He reasons, “Football has taught me how to overcome bad situations and how to look past good ones. Every snap is a new play no matter what happens the play before. Just like life, everyday is something different no matter what happened.” 

Ready to leave high school and start a new life at Fairmont State University, Beels has a parting message for Trinity students, “Thank you to my coaches, teammates, family, and teachers. Thank you for making me into the person I am today. I can’t wait until college to play the game I love. I will remember high school for the rest of my life and the great things that go with it. For all of you that play sports, don’t take advantage of anything and just go out and have fun. And for the ones who get to still play on Hiller Field, don’t blink because I would give up anything to come out of that locker room and play the game I love, next to my best friends.”