Students go out of state for college


Seniors Elizabeth Steele, (top left) Hannah Jones, (bottom left), and Bayli Miles. (Right)

Going to college can be difficult, but going out of state can be even more hectic. Many people tend to stay within their city limits when it comes to choosing a college, but some go outside their comfort zone and explore life outside of what they have become familiar with for most of their lives. Whether it’s to New York or down South, it’s still far from home and a big change – not only because of transitioning from high school to college, but also because it’s a move from one state to another. Bayli Miles, Hannah Jones, and Elizabeth Steele are all Trinity High School seniors who have taken on the challenge of making a geographical change. 

Miles has decided to go to the University of South Alabama. The University of South Alabama has a great nursing program, which is why Miles has chosen to study there. The University of South Alabama is most known for having the largest bell tower in the state of Alabama – the Moulton Bell Tower. Miles felt like USA (University of South Alabama) was home to her; she also came to love the surrounding area. 

Miles stated, “I’m excited for this next chapter in my life. I will miss home and my family, but I look forward to being in a new environment.” 

Miles also added that she was excited to be so close to the Gulf of Mexico because she looks forward to being able to go to the beach whenever she wants. Good luck to Bayli Miles at the University of South Alabama!

Jones has decided to go somewhere close, yet still so far away. Jones committed to Houghton College in New York, approximately 100 miles away. Houghton College is best known for their Music and Equine programs, and Jones is intending on majoring in Equine Management. Jones’s plans after college include marriage and starting a farm of her own. 

Jones stated, “Don’t let people sway your decision if you’re having doubts about college. Trust in God because he always has a plan.” 

Jones applied this advice to help her decide on her own college experience. Lots of luck at Houghton College, Hannah Jones!

Steele is another senior who chose to go out of state for college. Steele has decided to study at the University of Kentucky because of their medical program. Steele was recently accepted into the Human Health Sciences program with a focus in physical therapy. 

Steele thought the campus was beautiful and the overall environment was supportive and fun. After her undergraduate studies, Steele plans to attend medical school and become a Pediatric Psychiatrist. 

When asked what she was most excited for, Steele replied, “I’m most excited about meeting new people and learning about the school traditions, as well as starting classes that will lead me to my future career.” Good luck at the University of Kentucky, Elizabeth Steele! 

Moving away can be quite a change for most people, and adding on a transition to a new school can be even more challenging. The Hiller Newspaper staff wishes Trinity High School seniors who have decided to go out-of-state to college the best during their four years of college. Go forth and conquer!