At-home activities battle boredom during lockdown


Accessed via Google Images under the Creative Commons License

Hillers find ways to keep busy during the 2019-2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

Before school closures, many students were used to being busy every second of the school day. From grabbing iced coffee in homeroom to attending club meetings to completing homework and projects, students never had to worry about having a lack of activities to keep each day exciting. Now, with school and business closures throughout Washington, students are facing a challenge that is hard to combat — boredom. Therefore, it is important that students find ways to fill each day with meaningful activities to maintain brain and body health.

One of the easiest ways to maintain the typical activity level of school is to establish a daily schedule. By organizing the appropriate times to wake up, complete work from each class, and take breaks, students can avoid feeling overwhelmed by the lack of structure that accompanies lock-down.  

While at home, it is important to remain active and practice healthy habits each day. Adding physical wellness into daily schedules can be as simple as stretching every morning or as involved as following online workouts. Many apps offer at-home yoga, cardio, and strength training videos that can provide not only a break from schoolwork, but also a chance to keep your body healthy. 

If online classes are not providing a challenge, students can try learning something new. Now is the perfect time to practice baking or cooking, experiment with arts and crafts, or even study a foreign language. Any activities such as these that provide a fun challenge can make any day seem less boring.

For those who feel like being creative, writing can be an ideal outlet. Starting a journal, writing poetry, or even imagining a new story can help students to add some individuality and creativity to an otherwise monotonous day.

When stuck at home, organizing closets,  junk drawers, and supply shelves can provide a productive project as well. Although organizing is not the most exciting activity, it can supply a sense of control that has been taken away from many students due to the uncertainty of recent events. 

Most importantly, students should find ways to remain social. Using FaceTime, Google Hangouts or Zoom allows students to connect with friends and family and share their experiences. Students can even reach out by writing letters and letting others know that they are in their thoughts.

Stay safe and healthy Hillers!