Music Students Soaring to New Adventure

On February 2, 2020, Trinity High School Band and Choir students took their talent to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida for four days. These students, along with band teacher Mr. Hilty and choir teacher Mr. Komula, undertook this new experience that only happens every three or four years. 

Much effort was put into planning a trip like this, especially when 65 students as well as advisors and parents were going.

Komula explained, “We had amazing parents and students and we also had a great travel company to help make this trip possible.”

These musically inclined students went to Disney to entertain the people passing by while learning how to perform during different scenarios.

The group went to Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, Disney Springs, Epcot and Animal Kingdom. 

The choir performed for the people shopping at Disney Springs and sang “Alleluia Canon, ” “I Want to Rise, ” “I Feel a Change is Coming” and “The Awakening.”

Senior Choir and Band Member Christiana Bouvy said, “I have been on this trip before, during my freshman year. This experience has taught me how to perform even when people are just walking by and not paying attention to you.”

The band performed their song signature song, “Uma Thurman” while leading the Super Bowl MVP parade at Disney.

Hilty explained, “We were the only band to perform in the parade that day, which was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and great exposure to all students involved.” 

The magical experience of traveling to Disney World is one that members of the band were ecstatic to take. Their time together was enough to provide them with classic Disney memories that they will share for a lifetime.