Student of the Month: February


It is my pleasure to nominate Elliott Salvatori as THS Student of the Month for February. 

Elliott is, without question, a gifted individual and one that hungers for challenges and is both mathematically and mechanically gifted. I first met Elliott midway through his junior year. He was at the time taking the AP Physics 1 course when he came to see me. He was interested in pushing himself beyond the AP Physics 1 curriculum by taking the AP Physics C: Mechanics test. For the next three months, Elliott would stay multiple days a week after school, devoting himself to preparing for the test. No student at the high school had ever even taken the calculus based mechanics test, but through his work, Elliott scored a 5. An inspiration at what can be done, the school now has over 20 students looking to follow in his footsteps. 

Now in his senior year, I have the wonderful opportunity to continue working with Elliott. He is not only a top student in class but an amazing mentor to those around him. Already this year, he has assisted students who may struggle with their conceptual understandings and clarifies complex mathematics. He meticulously peer reviews lab reports and his recommendations have helped numerous students push their own limits. He is self-aware of his voice in class and consciously gives his peers opportunities to put their ideas forward before synthesizing them into a cohesive argument. 

Beyond the classroom, Elliott continues to show his exemplary work ethic as a captain of the varsity soccer team and as a member of the tennis team. As cocaptain of the PA Governor’s STEM Team, he helped design a pothole filler from plastic water bottles. In his work for PA Junior Academy of Science, he has looked at resonant sound relationships; this year, he is pushing his sound research further by looking at ideal grass blades for ‘grass-whistling’. As the Student Council Treasurer, he has overhauled the process of maintaining the budget through digital spreadsheets. This year, Elliott has been a critical member the school’s leadership academy to help raise funds for underserved members of the community. 

Undoubtedly, Elliott Salvatori is worthy of the recognition of THS Student of the Month. 

Nominated by Mr. Brandon Botzer