What New Year’s resolution(s) have you made for 2020?

Carys Miller, Freshman-

“To eat healthier.”

Danny Towers, Freshman-

“To keep my room clean.”

Maddie Argo, Freshman-

“To have a strong year.”


Daniel Lee, Sophomore-

“Get a license, a job and find the love of my life.”

Meredith Bryant, Sophomore-

“To pass APUSH.”

Grace Roberts, Sophomore-

“To stop using social media, I am still trying to get off of it.”


Luke Decker, Junior-

“To get better at soccer.”

Kayla Gandy, Junior-

“To be more positive.”

Julia Jenkins, Junior-

“To better myself.”


Tyler Ashmore, Junior-

“To meet new people.”

Hunter Franz, Senior-

“To eat less Chipotle.”

Marquese Lacks, Senior-

“To get out of here and to make Mrs. Berty happy.”

Madison Finfrock, Senior-

“To be more productive in art and to be healthier.”


Mrs. Berty, English/Speech and Debate-

“Not to cry when I retire.”

Mr. Koroly, Math Teacher-

“I am trying to exercise with regularity during the school year and trying to be more orderly.”

Mrs. Bennett, Art Teacher-

“A long time ago I made a New Year’s resolution to not make another New Year’s resolution and I’ve been very successful.”