Climate change attacks earth

Climate change patterns

Photo via Google Images under the Creative Commons license

An update on the sea surface heights on the oceans.

The Earth has seen the largest amount of climate change in the last ten years than in it’s 4.5 billion years of existence. Forest fires are spreading rapidly, Himalayan glaciers are quickly melting away, and immense flooding is happening in western states. But, the Earth may experience even more detrimental changes soon.

2020 is a critical year for climate change, and will affect the future. In just one year, there is predicted to be more frequent flooding in the central US, longer and more costly wildfires in California and droughts all across the Great Plains. The quicker action is taken, the easier it will be to prevent any of these major crises. 

Sophomore, Sophia Rahmany explained, “In 2020, the climate will be different everywhere. For example, Australia is on fire and Indonesia is flooding.” 

Sophomore Elijah Butler said, “I vouch for a true crisis not happening this year, but it does not mean there is nothing wrong with what we are doing now.”

Clearly, there are numerous opinions on what the government and individuals should do in order to help prevent climate change.

Rahmany believes that US government officials need to become more aware of and to stop putting trillions of dollars into things such as military equipment. 

Butler, on the other hand, argued “I think masses need to start working together to campaign against things such as waste methods of large corporations and fossil fuel use. Getting those companies to make changes would be as easy as boiling water if they could get their heads straight and work together.” 

Regardless of the government’s plans for the future, there is destruction occurring today. Many think the wildfires are causing the most damage. 

Rahmany thinks the state of California is overpopulated, which causes more destruction and has higher casualties. The state also has several forests which are all susceptible to fire. Which is why the fires can be a very destructive disaster. 

All around, climate change is a critical issue. In times like these, serious measures such as utilizing energy wisely, using less gas to avoid pollution or investing in renewable resources can be taken to help prevent any significant outcomes. While some may not realize the severity of these issues, everyone needs to join together in order to help save this planet.