Trinity students hold Veteran’s Day dance

On November 21, 2019, TLC and JROTC students at Trinity High School held a Veteran‘s Day dance on the fifth-floor dining hall at the Presbyterian Senior Care Home for its residents. 

“The DJ recognized all of the branches of the military and gave out certificates and pins,” said Sergeant Major Harper.

Furthermore, several fallen members of the military that were once residents at the Presbyterian Home were also honored. Rather than receiving a concrete award, they were awarded with respect and a moment of silence to recognize their courageousness. 

Family members, such as children, spouses and parents of deployed men and women were recognized as well. JROTC students also gave awards to the residents who were involved in the military but were unable to attend the dance.

There were eleven Trinity students from TLC, ten from JROTC and two faculty members in attendance. Members of TLC helped decorate the dining hall with various patriotic decorations and handed out miniature American flags to those who wanted them.

“We danced, we sang and we mingled,” said Junior Erin Popeck, a third year member of TLC. “Everyone enjoyed themselves and the residents had a blast.”

Students of TLC led the dancing as well as participated in various sing alongs with the senior care residents. One of the sing alongs everyone participated in was singing Happy Birthday to one of the residents who had just turned ninety-seven. 

Popeck was in charge of scheduling and setting up the dance alongside Mrs. Berty. TLC started hosting the Veteran’s Day dance at the Presbyterian Home in the fall of 2017 and hasn’t stopped since.

“The woman that helps direct the dance at the Presbyterian Home said that this was the best one yet and looks to do it exactly like this again next fall,” said Berty, TLC leader.

As the dance was wrapping up, members of both TLC and JROTC helped the residents get safely back to their rooms before heading back to Trinity.