Opportunity for medical careers grows in Trinity


Holly McDonald

Mr. Porterfield, Trinity's sports medicine teacher smiles as he stands by the new anatomage table.

The addition of the new medical classes at Trinity High School during the 2019-2020 school year, instructed by Mr. Porterfield, has gained the attention of many students in 9-12th grade. The classes offer not only something new to students, but also offer insight into which career path students will pursue after high school. These medical classes are intended for any students who wish to seek a better understanding of medicine and what life in the medical field would be like.

As of now, the classes are thriving with an approximate increase in enrollment of 300% since last year. Since the classes are relatively new, certain parts are still being developed. For example, projects and assignments can vary due to their significance and effectiveness, which can only be determined through further experience teaching the classes and interacting with students. 

In the past, the classes have been thought of as too swayed toward sports medicine, but action has been taken to correct this and create a more broad study of medicine and medical careers. Even the instructor himself has developed as a teacher and improved on how he interacts with his students. 

Senior Taylor Riegle said she wants the classes to be “more hands on and more Anatomage Table.”

Because the classes are expected to continue to increase in size, it is predicted that they will become more informational and advanced. In further growth of the classes, students may get more opportunities to use the Anatomage Table (a new piece of medical equipment used to view the human body in depth) for class. 

“Kids want something different,” claimed Porterfield in regards to the classes students wish to take. 

As students become more familiar with medical terms and techniques, they will become more informed upon their decision of what career to pursue. The classes give students a great opportunity to try out different aspects of the field of medicine.

“At least 60% of my students will enter the medical field,” said Porterfield.The medical course can offer students rewards such as CPR certification and even college credits in some schools. To reach such goals, students must complete 71 hours of medical observation. These can be completed at school sporting events or through any medical institution that allows shadowing.The medical classes at Trinity High School are an opportunity for incoming students to broaden their plethora of knowledge. These classes can be a very helpful source of information to students who wish to obtain a medical career.