Presidential campaign loses candidate


Office of Senator Kamala Harris [Public domain]

Kamala Harris is currently the senator of California.

Kamala Harris is an American lawyer and democratic politician serving as the junior United States Senator from California. She previously served as the 27th District Attorney of San Francisco from 2004 – 2011 and the 32nd Attorney General of California from 2011 until 2017. Since becoming a Senator, she has been supporting single-payer healthcare, federal de-scheduling of cannabis, creation of sanctuary cities, the DREAM Act, (a ban on assault rifles,) and lowering the tax burden for the working and middle classes while raising taxes on corporations and the wealthiest one percent of Americans. Harris was also in the 2020 presidential race from January 2019 until December 2019. 

Harris unexpectedly ended her campaign for President of the United States on December 3. While Harris had qualified for the December democratic debate in her home state later this month, she was running dangerously low on cash and lacked the resources to air TV ads in Iowa. Harris claimed that this was one of the hardest decisions she’s ever made. The news has shocked even her biggest supporters throughout her campaign. 

Just as Harris was announcing the news internally, a super PAC (political action committee) had cleared more than $1 million in TV ads in Iowa to boost her struggling campaign. The ad, which argued she was the best-equipped candidate to take on President Donald Trump, was canceled. 

Regarding Harris’s financial situation, Mr. Poletti stated, “Nothing in life should be solely based on money. This shouldn’t be the end of her campaign. On the other hand, people must not have believed in her message enough to donate the funds needed.” 

Though her campaign was cut short, there were many successful key points of Harris’s journey in politics. In 2012, during her first year as a Senator, Harris negotiated a 25 billion dollar settlement deal with the nation’s five largest mortgage companies (Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, CitiFinancial, Ally Financial and Wells Fargo) citing improper foreclosure practices. California homeowners received $18.4 billion in mortgage relief, helping more than 84,000 California families. 

Though Harris recently dropped out of the 2020 presidential race, she claims she’s still “in this fight,” with hopes of somehow defeating Donald Trump “once and for all.”

Senior Bayli Miles said, “She’s not going to come back into the presidential race because once you drop out of the campaign, it’s hard to come back and fix your reputation.”

Harris will continue as Senator of California despite dropping out of the 2020 election. She has not yet announced whether she will run for president in future elections.