What is your favorite Thanksgiving food and why?

Henry March, Freshman-

“Ham because the salty crisp of the outside of the meat crunches your tastebuds.”

Sydney Kapp, Freshman-

“Turkey because it’s normal for someone to eat turkey on Thanksgiving.”

Anderson Newlen, Freshman-

“Truffle caviar, I go to California every year for Thanksgiving.”


Wendy Anderson, Sophomore-

“Mashed potatoes because they’re fluffy.”

Jazmyne Giles, Sophomore-

“Chicken because it’s crispy and delicious.”

Allison Sampson, Sophomore-

“I have to say mashed potatoes because they’re so creamy and good. They’re a bowl full of happiness!”


Abby Wayman, Junior-

“Stuffing because I only have it as this time of year.”

Jacob Bramasco, Junior- 

“Cheesy potatoes are great.”

Joie Engle, Junior-

“My favorite is jelly cranberries because they taste good and I only have them on Thanksgiving.”


Marquese Lacks, Senior-

“Pumpkin pie. I’m a big pumpkin guy.”

Taylor Riegle, Senior-

“Pumpkin pie because who doesn’t love pumpkin pie.”

Jax Banco, Senior-

“Stuffing because my aunt’s is really good.”


Mrs. Berty, Speech and Debate Teacher-

“Back Porch Restaurant turkey because it tastes homemade.”

Mr. Modrak, Still Younger Than O’Lare-

“Fresh cranberry sauce because I don’t like anything else and pumpkin is utterly disgusting.”