Thanksgiving turns into holiday underdog


Jean Leon Gerome Ferris [Public domain]

An artist rendering of the first Thanksgiving.

At Trinity High School the holidays are quickly approaching. Now that Halloween is over, everyone is stressing out over how soon Christmas is. But what about Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is for people to get together for a day of feasting, football, friends and family, but people tend to skip over this national holiday to focus more on Christmas. 

Senior Kendle Haught said, “Thanksgiving is underrated because people think that Thanksgiving is only about the food and don’t think about the true meaning behind it.”

This holiday is meant for family and friends to not only remember the happy memories, but also to make new ones to cherish for a lifetime.

Less and less people are celebrating Thanksgiving because everyone is more focused on getting ready for Black Friday shopping.

Black Friday shopping was always something that started the Friday after Thanksgiving, but now stores are open for customers the night of Thanksgiving, not giving Thanksgiving a full day of attention like the other holidays have.

“Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, but it gets lost between Halloween and Christmas. With the help of social media advertising, Christmas comes too early,”said Mr. Smith.

Along with the social media advertisements, early advertisements on TV begin to creep in after Halloween is over. For example, Hallmark Christmas movies are already playing and it’s not even December yet!

Mrs. Franz expressed her opinion that, “Every major holiday like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas should be celebrated at the beginning of the month and shouldn’t end until the day after.”

Just like Christmas, Thanksgiving is a holiday about family and friends and deserves to be celebrated just as long as any other holiday. Even though there are no presents or a Christmas tree, Thanksgiving should never be forgotten.