Trinity’s Dreamers Club engages students with their community

At the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, Trinity High School decided to expand its club options by giving students the opportunity to join the new, community friendly Dreamers Club. One of Trinity’s teachers, Mr. Polansky, gladly decided to help run the club within the school. 

Polansky first got the idea to bring the Dreamers Club to Trinity when he met Pastor Aaron Miller – the man who runs the Club. Pastor Aaron had a vision where a group of young people helped to clean up Washington and offered help to the elderly. This is where the idea of the Dreamers Club began. 

“Join Dreamers Club – Pastor Aaron is great,” added Polansky.

It is not only Trinity students who take part in The Dreamers Club. In fact, students from various school districts come together to clean up natural environments, paint buildings, aid the elderly and help many other people in need. 

Recently, these students built an elderly woman a ramp to her house using only materials located around a local playground, where they had been working earlier that day. 

“An elderly person was observing the kids working at the playground. They noticed she needed help and built her a ramp,” Polansky said.

Junior Tyler Ashmore describes the club atmosphere as “amazing” and he hopes that one day the club will be passed down to the current freshman class, so that they may see what the community has to offer and what they can offer in return.

 Likewise, Polansky agrees that the students have nothing but positive energy and good feelings when helping the community. 

“It’s been enlightening seeing what the community has to offer,” commented Ashmore, “it made me love the community.”

Dreamers Club will meet in Polansky’s room, 282, on Activity B days. There will also be private meetings outside of school scheduled by Pastor Aaron Miller but, for now, those dates and times are to be decided.