There is a glass that sits on the edge of a table. People standing around the table bump it, accidentally. This causes the glass to fall, and in this event, one of two things can follow.

When the glass falls, someone might notice, catching the glass before it plummets to the ground. If the glass is caught, there wouldn’t be anything to clean up or worry about. The person that caught the glass could merely place it back on the table.

However, if the glass is bumped and no one notices, it will fall, shattering and breaking into a million pieces. When this happens, someone will have to clean up the shards of broken glass. Once all the pieces are picked up, a choice will have to be made.

Either someone will take on the long and tedious task of putting the broken glass back together, or they will throw it away, not bothering to restore the once whole object.

People are glass. Sometimes they are pushed or bumped after being on the edge. Eventually, they will fall and someone will notice, catching them before they break and crumble to pieces.

If they aren’t caught, people will hit the ground and shatter. 

Put yourself in the position of the glass, thinking of all the times you may have fallen. If you’re the person who caught the glass or the individual who fell, hold onto that instinct, it’s a valuable one.