Top Ten Tips For Halloween


Nancy Xiao

This Halloween inspired candy apple drawing made by Nancy Xiao

  • Don’t eat any opened candyAlthough most candy is received from family and friends, be cautious, and never eat opened candy under any circumstances. Nobody knows what has happened to it if it has been opened.


  • Don’t eat all of your candy in one night– It’s never a good idea to eat too much candy at once. No matter how good it looks, think about whether or not it’s really worth the stomach ache the next day.


  • Bring extra storage for candy– Have alternatives to store candy in when trick or treating. Whether a wagon, stroller or even a car is used to haul the candy, make sure no one has to carry a heavy bag on their shoulder all night.


  • Wear comfortable shoes– Some people wear specific shoes because it matches their outfits but it is important to wear shoes that are made for walking around for long periods of time.


  • Keep an eye on the weather– Make sure to constantly check the weather before Halloween night to have an oufit prepared and a plan for a night of fun and excitement.


  • Dress in layers– Even if someone is wearing a costume, he or she should dress in layers in case of a chilly night.


  • Stay Hydrated– Although it is easy to forget to drink water while trick or treating, make sure to stay hydrated. 


  • Travel in groups– When doing anything, it’s never the greatest idea to go alone. Make sure to travel in a group of 2-3 people. Remember, the more the merrier!Keep phones handy– To ensure safety, make sure at least one person in the group has a phone handy in case of an emergency.


  • Be aware of your surroundings– To prevent someone from getting lost, hurt or taken, make sure to keep an eye out for anything or anyone suspicious.