Boys soccer team kicks towards victory


Olympus Staff

Boys soccer team huddles up before their game to discuss their plays on the field.

Trinity’s boy soccer team has had a fantastic season this year, with the team having 15 wins and five losses!

One might suspect that soccer season begins once the team begins to practice, but for the boys soccer team, it is quite the contrary. In fact, most of the team said that their season never ends.

Freshman Alex Noble said, “I personally run two miles every morning for 2-3 weeks before the official season begins. I also do sit-ups and push-ups before the season, as well as practice all summer long and participate in soccer camps as a team.”

The team is captained by three seniors: Elliot Salvatori, Charlie McIlvaine and Mason Pendergast. Logan Errett was nominated as an honorary team captain as well. The team has five coaches: Ryan Julian, William Higgins, Andrew Sukolski, Ben Johnson, and Scott Armstrong. The dedication of these coaches and captains has led to a great season.

The team enjoys talking about the victories they’ve achieved over Trinity’s rivals, such as Wash High and Belle Vernon.

Noble proudly reflected, “we became the first team this season to beat Belle Vernon.”

The entire team is feeling the excitement of the game they most enjoy playing.

Sophomore Connor Bull said, “we are the best Trinity sports team!”

Although admittedly biased, this helps to show the enthusiasm that the soccer team is feeling. The team is always looking to improve after each game. But in order to play better, the boys soccer team has to continually practice.

Salvitori said “the team practices every day after school that we don’t have a game, which is normally three practices a week.”

Through challenging dedication, unparalleled synergism, and enjoyment of the sport, the boys soccer team has made all of Trinity proud. Congratulations on a great season!