Rachel’s Challenge takes on Trinity


Rachel Chase

100 selected students learn about the importance of Rachel's Challenge being implemented at Trinity.

THS will be welcoming the new program “Rachel’s Challenge” during the 2019-2020 school year. Rachel’s Challenge will not only aim to promote kindness both in and out of the school, but also establish a positive social culture.

The program began over ten years ago when Rachel Scott tragically died in the Columbine shooting. Rachel made it her life’s goal to spread kindness and encourage positivity. So, her father chose to honor her legacy by creating the organization with the message of kindness.
The motto “#bethekindkid” was created to represent Rachel’s mission of kindness. Trinity has embraced the motto, and it can now be seen on stickers placed on windows in classrooms, as well as on T-shirts. Trinity aims to create a “chain-reaction of kindness” by spreading the motto.
Dr. Lucas has specifically chosen the program for Trinity, as he feels it provides an anti-bullying message that teenagers will truly embrace.

Lucas said “I hope it inspires kids to think about others and to help those in need. I want kids to feel good about coming to school, and I want them to feel accepted. It’s an area I think kids need to talk about.”
Mrs. Sagerer is the main teacher organizing the program. Additionally, student representatives have been nominated and will lead active roles in the program. Students were nominated by teachers based on the ability to make a positive change. Teachers also selected people from varying social groups so as to include a diverse group of students.
As the program is implemented, students and teachers alike can expect to see an impact in everyday life.
A new club called Friends of Rachel (FOR) will be introduced to the club rotation soon. The club will focus on ways for students to improve the social culture at Trinity.
“Unfortunately we live in a world where cyberbullying has become an epidemic. We need to start a movement with kindness. We need to lift people up instead of tearing them down,” Sagerer stated.
Additionally, other schools around the area have chosen to implement the program. Monthly activities with students from Canon Mac and Peters Township are expected to begin in the near future, and will most likely include incentives that will motivate students to be active in the program. These activities will provide students with an opportunity to collaborate with each other.
Sagerer remarked “I really hope students take the initiative to bring about kindness. We need more positivity and kindness. We need to embrace our differences and start seeing that we are all human.”
The Rachel’s Challenge high school assembly will be held on October 15. Freshman and sophomores will meet first, followed by juniors and seniors. In the afternoon, student ambassadors will meet to discuss future plans for the program. The following day, October 16, the same assembly will be held for middle school students. In the spring, the program will be implemented at the elementary schools, and will focus on why it is important to be kind. Additionally, a community night will be held on October 16 at 6 p.m. and will further inform the community about everything the program will entail.