Girls volleyball serves up new season


Morgan Kafana

Senior players Taylor Staub, Hailey Scott, Carley Popielarcheck, Katie Havrila and Mackenzie Batson come to an end in their high school careers.

The Trinity girl’s volleyball team is comprised of a dedicated group of girls who put a great deal of time and hard work into the sport. Volleyball not only provides students with an extracurricular activity that helps to promote teamwork, but that also could help students earn an athletic scholarship to college.
The girls practice five days a week, except on game days, putting in so much hard work to better themselves. For most practices, the girls begin with dynamic stretching followed by running a few laps around the gym. They then work on drills to improve their bumping, hitting, setting, serving and court position.
The girls also spend time peppering, a warm up in which two players bump, hit and spike the ball back and forth to each other in order to practice maintaining good ball control. Scrimmaging is also a vital tool used by the coaches to practice scenarios that may happen during a game.
All of this hard work and dedication brings the girls together as a team, and many players agree that the result is a strong team bond.
Freshman Violet Briggs said, “there’s a lot of dedication [to the team] and your teammates become way closer and like family to you.”
The team is captained by Senior Taylor Staub and Junior Vivian Poach. Staub has been playing volleyball for six years and loves the atmosphere that being on a volleyball team creates. She also enjoys the fast, high pace of the game, especially as an outside hitter. As captain, Staub and Poach have several duties that they perform.
Staub stated, “we try to keep the team together and friendly. We also do the coin toss and make decisions for Pink Out and Senior Rec Night.”
Pink Out Night was very close to the members’ hearts this season. On Pink Out Night, the team collected monetary donations from fans and was able to raise $2,600. The money will be donated to local hair salon Studio 7, who will then use the money to make wigs for cancer patients.
As of October 10, 2019, the team is 4-6. The next home game for the team is October 17, at 7:00 p.m, against Obama, which is also Senior Recognition Night. The team and coaches really appreciate their fan section and all the support it brings, and the team hopes the fans will continue to support them through the end of the season.