New classes prepare students for employment


Gina Gossett

Mr. Modrak reviewing the lesson taught in today's class with a student

Hospitality and Tourism 

Trinity High School is introducing a new Hospitality and Tourism Class taught by Mr. Modrak this 2019-2020 school year.

This course introduces students to the hospitality and tourism industry.

 “The class is to give students the opportunity to learn, grow, and make connections for a successful post secondary or post collegiate career in the field of Hospitality and Tourism,” said Modrak.

The class was created because there is a large number of hospitality businesses in the Washington area, so this class is to give students the chance to utilize and make better connections for employment opportunities.

Along with this new class there is also a competitive club called DECA that is open to all students. DECA is a nonprofit student organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management.

This is a year long course that is available second and third period for any students interested in taking the class.


During the 2019-2020 school year, the new Drone Technology class taught by Mr. Crissman is about to take flight at Trinity High School.

 Crissman said “the class is about everything that has to do with the physics of building and flying drones, where the skills learned in this class can be used by students in the future.”

The lessons are from a curriculum used at Roscoe Collegiate High School in Roscoe, Texas, a school that has been teaching this for three years. Drone Technology is going to be a project-based class.

Students who wish to take the class don’t need any prior knowledge. 

Crissman said “Any student can take the class as long as they are focused and want to learn.”

This class will be offered during second semester, period ⅘, so students can still sign up. 

Gina Gossett
Mr.Crissman is testing the new drones to make sure they work properly for his students.


Trinity High School is also preparing students for the future with the new Vet-Tech classes taught by Mrs. Reddy 

The Vet-Tech program is broken down into two classes, Vet-Tech Medical Terminology and Vet-Tech Animal and Work Safety.

This program is a brief introduction to teach students about the different roles and practices that a veterinarian can take on during his or her career. Students also learn basic medical terms and the types of dog, cat, cow and horse breeds.

Reddy said, “I recommend that students should take both classes because they work hand in hand with each other,” and she says students should “bring a love for animals to the class.” 

 “Don’t be scared to take the class; it is a fun and laid back environment,” said Madison Frazee, a student in the Vet-Tech medical terminology class.

These new classes were created to give students the head start they need to pursue a career in the veterinary field.

 The Vet-Tech Animal and Work Safety class is offered 11th  period and Vet-Tech Medical terminology is offered 12th period for any students interested in being part of the program.

Gina Gossett
Mrs. Reddy is writing notes on the board for her Vet- Tech Animal and Work Safety class.