Students forget about aspects of college

As the deadline of May 1 has come and gone, a large amount of stress has been removed from seniors. No more studying for the SAT and ACT and no more application essays. Students have chosen the school that best suits them for a multitude of reasons, but might not be as ready as they think they are.

The biggest item students forget about when going to college is the idea of sharing a bedroom with (more than likely) a complete stranger. While schools have students fill out surveys to pair similar students together, no survey is ever 100% accurate. This leads to some students having to deal with an intolerable roommate for a set amount of time until changes are made. There are a multitude of reasons why students may request a new roommate, but the idea of sharing a room with someone they are not compatible with is nerve-wracking. If you get a bad roommate, talk your RA about getting a new one.

“I would want a new roommate if my current one is messy, really rude and only concerned about themselves,” stated Senior Garrett Orr.

“If the current one didn’t respect my input or refused to stop something that had a negative impact on me, then I would request a new roommate,” said Senior Matt Day

Another aspect that is commonly forgotten about is life outside of school, on and off campus. While school is the main priority, studying is not the only part of going to college. Intramurals and other clubs make up on-campus activities, and students must take the initiative to seek information about joining. However, many schools have activities off campus that are within driving distance. Students focus so heavily on majors and the looks of the campus that leisure activities are commonly forgotten about.

Many seniors often go far away to get away from their parents. These students have the mentality that they will not need their parents and can function by themselves. However, most students soon learn that adjustment is harder than it seems. This leads to homesickness and the student transferring to a school closer to home. To prepare for this, overnight visits at the school you chose will help give students an idea of the experience of being a student.

Finally, the dorms themselves are often overlooked by prospective students, in terms of size and organization. One common belief is that dorms will be about the size of the student’s current bedroom; however, that space is going to

be occupied by two people. Having half of a bedroom to store belongings can be a challenge, so organization skills are a must. Also within the dormitory halls, most freshman dorms have community bathrooms. While this does not

bother some students, others are not comfortable with having to share toilets and showers. This transition may take some time, however, students may be surprised at first. Students can’t really do a whole lot to prepare for this situation, other than going in with a positive mindset.

“I’m a pretty flexible and laid back person, so I’m not too worried about having community bathrooms. My quality of living will go down a bit but other than that, it shouldn’t be too bad,” added Orr.

While it is important to think about these subjects, students should not become overwhelmed when thinking about college. Enjoy the summer with friends and family before the next big step in life occurs!