Twinsies! Track runs in Gandy blood


Seniors Garrett and Faith Gandy run into West Virginia Weslyan after graduating.

Seniors Faith and Jarrett Gandy will attend West Virginia Wesleyan in the fall, where they aspire to continue their legacy on the track. This year, they along with several other team captains, led the team to be third in the section.

The Varsity Boys Track Team, led by Captain Jarrett Gandy, has a record of 4-3 while the Varsity Girls Track team, led by Captain Faith Gandy, has a record of 5-2. Under the leadership of the Gandy cohort, the runners have jumped over hurdles, relayed a positive attitude and as the finish line reaches over the horizon, the Gandys will pass off the baton once more and leave behind a record-breaking legacy.

Faith Gandy has cumulatively broken three school records. These include the female 100 Meter Dash (12.49), 200 Meter Dash (26.08) and the 4×1 Relay (48.69). Jarret Gandy has a tie in the male 100 Meter Dash (11.1). In addition to these notable accomplishments, both of the Gandys have a multitude of medals to showcase their excellence on the track. Most notably, Faith is a two year Team MVP as well as a 2017 Big South MVP and Jarrett is also a Team MVP.

The pair hope to cross the finish line together as they both will take on the same school, the same coaches, and the same competitors this fall, in Buckhannon, West Virginia.

Faith commented that “I am really excited to run with Jarrett. It was sad to think that I would not get to watch him compete but now that I committed to the same school, I get to watch him every week and run with him on the track.”  

Jarrett was apt to concur with Faith stating that “we are teammates and have been from the start.”

Faith and Jarrett find that a family bond is essential for them to grow as individuals, especially on the track. If a teammate is injured, Jarrett and Faith are quick to fulfill the role during competitions for the betterment of the team. This desire to place the team above themselves is a quality few athletes possess.

As the finish line draws near, Head Track and Field coach Ms. MacKinney commends the dynamic duo: “I know both will do well, they have a strong work ethic and enjoy the sport of track and field. They are good at setting goals and are willing to put the time in to achieve those goals.“

Once the finish line arrives, Faith and Jarrett Gandy will cross it together and embrace the challenges that will saturate collegiate competition. Until then, the pair will continue to condition as Faith will run the 100 Meter Dash, 200 Meter Dash, and the 4×1 Relay and Jarret will run the 200 Meter Dash at West Virginia Wesleyan University.  

Alan Crise, Head Track and Field coach at West Virginia Wesleyan commented that “we are really excited to have them on the team because they showcased the devotion we search for in recruits. With regard to Jarrett, it was evident from the moment he stayed on campus that he was devoted to the family-oriented atmosphere and was apt to befriend members on the team. As for Faith, I could see that she enjoyed the atmosphere on campus and that she was willing to make sacrifices for the betterment of the team. Overall, they showcased a vital quality, they were bigger than themselves and their achievements.”