Senior Hiller Staff Member: Maddie Spencer

Maddie Spencer: Editorial Editor

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Senior Hiller Staff Member: Maddie Spencer

What is your favorite memory from being part of the Hiller staff?

My favorite memory from the Hiller is probably when Kenzie and I would harass Drew all Junior year.


What are you going to miss most about being a part of the newspaper?

I’m going to miss Mrs. O’Lare and all the other writers BUT definitely not sports articles.


How many red pens did Mrs. O’Lare use to correct your articles?

None. I have always been her best and most reliable writer.


What do you want to be when you grow up?

An architect.


Where are you going to college and what are you majoring in?

I’m going to Penn State and majoring in architecture.


What is the best article you’ve ever written?

Read my WWCD’s and tell me if you could pick the best one.


What advice do you have for future staff members?

Try not to be assigned sports articles and don’t be afraid to make your articles fun and interesting.


Why did you choose to take journalism?

I wrote for the paper in middle school and have always enjoyed writing.


Is there anything you’d like to add?

I have never had a Hiller hoagie.