Nick Roth performs into his future


Nick Roth looks forward to keeping music in his life even after high school.

Music programs have always been a large part of what makes Trinity special. Trinity offers students a large range of instrustruments that they can learn and allows them to perform in front of crowds of people who are always impressed by Trinity’s musical might. In total, Trinity offers eight classes that offer various types of music instruction.

One student at Trinity has enjoyed the music program so much that he intends to continue studying it further into college; that student is Senior Nick Roth. Roth will be graduating with the class of 2019, and he will be attending Slippery Rock University as a freshman for the fall semester.

Roth has been playing music for almost as long as he remembers. According to Roth, as a child, he wanted something constructive and meaningful, so he decided to look into instruments. The first instrument he learned how to play was the violin, but his interest in music did not stop there. Roth continued experimenting with instruments until he found three that he liked to play the most: the piano, the euphonium, and the trombone.

“I’ve been playing for Trinity since third grade, which is the earliest you can start playing,” said Roth.

At Trinity, Roth has taken three music classes: Intro to Music Tech, AP Music Theory, and Concert Band for all his years of high school. But Roth still does more to help fuel his innate desire for music; this year, he is volunteering in Trinity’s string orchestra to play in a piece called “A Northumbrian Folk Song Suite;” this is the first time the band and the string orchestra have ever collaborated to form one singular orchestra.

Roth’s favorite memory from Trinity also deals with music. On the side, Roth enjoys teaching private lessons to children and students who want to learn how to play a musical instrument. And it is this experience that most likely impacted Roth’s future at Slippery Rock, as he will be majoring in Music Education in the fall.

Although Roth is excited for his future at Slippery Rock University, and is excited to meet his new band director and fellow musicians, Roth said that he will “miss the persistence and the feeling of family” from Trinity’s music programs.

We all hope for a bright future for Roth. And maybe one day he will return to Trinity to teach Trinity’s future star musicians.